Mout International - distribution of beer and wine products in Montreal

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Welcome to microbreweries and general public

A family business founded 22 years ago, specializing in the distribution of beer and wine products to the public, pubs, microbreweries and specialty stores. Moût International Inc. is now expanding its network to all of Eastern Canada. At Moût International Inc. you’ll find everything under one roof:, all components used for production, equipments, supplies and accessories.

We select the best musts and grains, the best accessories and equipments in the world to make sure you succeed with your wines and beers. At Moût International Inc. we guarantee the great quality of our musts and grains.

Proven Techniques

Throughout the years, we have integrated the various developments and technical transformations for musts, with incredible results!

Our expert consultants will help you make wines that will impress your customers or guests.

Create your own beer

In our beer-making sector, whether you want to personalize your product, offer a house brand to your customers or establish a microbrewery, Moût International Inc. will assist you in reaching your objectives. Be ambitious!

We distribute the best cereals, in several different formats, 250 g to 22.7 kg or 25 kg bags or rakes. You will get a beer of unsurpassed quality!

Come and visit us now!

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